Monday, November 27, 2006

Ascent Aspiration - in the press

As seen in the Canadian magazine Ascent Aspiration
a Profile on the art of Catherine Marche

The Art of Catherine MARCHÉ

The Gallery of Catherine MARCHÉ Art








Catherine MARCHÉ

Catherine MARCHÉ was born in July 1967, in Neuilly-sur-Seine near Paris, and grew up in France, Germany and Africa and later studied in the USA. She graduated in Mathematics, Physics and music, while studying at the Beaux-arts at the same time. She then went on studying computer sciences and printmaking. She now works as an artist illustrator, having retired from her career as an IT consultant and lives in London, UK. These encounters with different cultures gave her a taste to experiment as later various trips to Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean opened her vision to a broad range of bright colours, which are often used in her paintings. As a child, she saw the world as full of people of all kind of races and colours speaking hundreds of different dialects. She just loves expressing herself using her vivid imagination and wishes to give her interpretation of feelings and beauty based on the human body and the world that she perceives around her. She looks at several ways of expressing "Feelings", "Moods" and "Sensuality", giving another vision of life through dreams and imagination. She'd love her work to be able to cast a spell on the viewer and tell him things he does not know about himself through a fascinating exchange. She wants to transcribe the way women feel; trace their inner emotions on canvas. She thinks some women live in a fantasy world where they would love to be someone else (thinner, blonder, taller, more beautiful, happier…) whereas some face real problems of oppression, domination and abuse. She works on this through a de-structuration of the figure, either as a simplification of shapes and figures as in the silhouettes series or as denigrating the body structure by amplifying one of its elements or its sensations. Most of her work is expressionist or fauvist. You can see more of her work on her

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

FSOJ Week 2 - Mother Earth, Father Sky

Queen mother
Inspired by mother Earth, I used Earth elements as wood and leaves to create this tiara. Colour: silver as it reminds me of winter frosts an ice.
The branches have been used as a frame, with skeleton leaves, overall
enhanced with many beads, pearls and cristals.


Arrggll, season of the Earth! I always prefered water. Oh well, a challenge is a challenge.

11 October 2006

I am starting this journal to record my progresses with Jewellery making and other creative endeavours.
I have been toying with jewellery for years, on and off. More off than on.
I signed up for the Four Seasons of Jewellery 06-07 FSOH, Season Earth, as a way to force myself to go beyond my limits. Weekly themes will set off my imagination and challenge me to move into action.
I have so many beads, stones, findings, wire etc just waiting to be turned into wearable items!


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