Wednesday, October 11, 2006

FSOJ Week 2 - Mother Earth, Father Sky

Queen mother
Inspired by mother Earth, I used Earth elements as wood and leaves to create this tiara. Colour: silver as it reminds me of winter frosts an ice.
The branches have been used as a frame, with skeleton leaves, overall
enhanced with many beads, pearls and cristals.


Arrggll, season of the Earth! I always prefered water. Oh well, a challenge is a challenge.

11 October 2006

I am starting this journal to record my progresses with Jewellery making and other creative endeavours.
I have been toying with jewellery for years, on and off. More off than on.
I signed up for the Four Seasons of Jewellery 06-07 FSOH, Season Earth, as a way to force myself to go beyond my limits. Weekly themes will set off my imagination and challenge me to move into action.
I have so many beads, stones, findings, wire etc just waiting to be turned into wearable items!


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