Wednesday, January 10, 2007

back to school

I have just started a new class at Central st Martins about the business side of Jewellery.
It was absolutely fascinating. I am glad I joined.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Zephyr du matin

I decided to craft a pendant, in response to FSOJ 2007, wk1

Morning for me is synonym with Fresh and new . That also goes with the wind which chases old and creates new beginnings.
The pendant is hung form an organza ribbon.
I used chalcedony and agate.
It was my first try at creating a wire finding, and I like the loose wave created by weaving the wire. Also had fun with the loop in the middle.
Do tell me what you think.

bountiful Bracelet

FSOJ 2006 - week 13

I guess, it depends what we mean by the word Bounty.
I did a bracelet, with murano glass beads, and various metal, cristal and glass beads.
It makes me think of candies.


haze bracelet

FSOJ 2006 - week 12

a harmony of purples, greys and blues for this simple bracelet.
amethyst, freshwater pearls, aqua marine...

fsoj2006 - week 11

Rubbles bracelet

A seism has hit. Most things have been destroyed. All is left are rumbles of stones.

I made this bracelet with rose quartz, amethyst, citrine on a sterling silver chain base.

twisted necklace

The Goddess - Motherhood & Fertility

This necklace is made of sterling silver wire, freshwater pearls and swaroski cristals.
I wanted to symbolise the mother's matrix. The little pearls of different sizes refer to the woman's eggs.

Plenty of them that mature and fall out or develop into babies through's her life.

fsoj 2006, week 9

O little Crab

My sign is Cancer, I am a water sign, stones are Ruby and Pearl.
I therfore crafted a pendant of an aqua color, as I love to swim in a hot turquoise sea, with a couple of pearls.

fsoj 2006 week 6 - Goddess

Trinity necklace

I can imagine antique godesses and queens wearing such a necklace. A delicate piece of work enhanced with pearls and semi-precious stones.
a fine sterling silver wire was crocheted, with a random set of stones (garnets, amethyst, carnelian and citrine) and champagne + dark grey freshwater pearls.

It was fun. I have then played with what to do with them: a pendant and 2 earrings or a long pendant?
tell me what you think.

Sheherazade's bracelet

week 5 - FSOJ

Thinking of Copper Nights, I first had ideas of using dark blues and greys with copper wire twisted in arabesques and twirls. But all I could find was 28 gauge copper wire and no lapis lazulis in sight.
Copper nights! hmmm...
Nights. Yes, I am thinking of Orient and 1001 nights. I can see Sheherazade wrapped in her veils, telling stories to her husband, wearing a nice copper bracelet, which complements her olive skin. Copper it is, with freshwater pearls.
I used a medium hook to crochet this bracelet with freshwater pearls. I crocheted it on 3 rows to make it sturdier and less prone to lose its shape.
The closing is made of a simple crocheted loop that fits around a pearl. I did not follow a regular pattern to lay the pearls. On the contrary, as it gives some movement and momentum to this bracelet.
Feel free to post your comments.

Grey endeavours

Monochrome! This, to me, evokes black and white photography.

I have therefore worked on a pair of pendant earrings in sterling silver and smoky quartz. It was harder than I anticipated. I had never wrapped a briolette before and I must say I will need to rework these bits. so that they look better.

I'll wear them and see if I get any comments

Sinergy of autumn leaves

Fire and Sun, Autumn lights... Leaves have fiery tones of golden oranges, and reds.
I used carnelian tumbled stones and yellow swaroski cristals to realise this bracelet, knotted together using nylon.

new year, new beginnings

Happy new year to all.

I am focusing on creativity more intensely this year.


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