Thursday, January 4, 2007

Sheherazade's bracelet

week 5 - FSOJ

Thinking of Copper Nights, I first had ideas of using dark blues and greys with copper wire twisted in arabesques and twirls. But all I could find was 28 gauge copper wire and no lapis lazulis in sight.
Copper nights! hmmm...
Nights. Yes, I am thinking of Orient and 1001 nights. I can see Sheherazade wrapped in her veils, telling stories to her husband, wearing a nice copper bracelet, which complements her olive skin. Copper it is, with freshwater pearls.
I used a medium hook to crochet this bracelet with freshwater pearls. I crocheted it on 3 rows to make it sturdier and less prone to lose its shape.
The closing is made of a simple crocheted loop that fits around a pearl. I did not follow a regular pattern to lay the pearls. On the contrary, as it gives some movement and momentum to this bracelet.
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