Saturday, February 17, 2007

new bracelets and necklaces

I always have a funky and cheerful range for the summer of little items easy to combine together. They look great alone or in groups of 2-3 up to 25 (why not?).

Last few years, I used to make them with pearls and rose quartz. This year, in addition to the necklaces, I have added bracelets and also new gemstones: jade (green, sand, pink), turquoise (blue and green), coral...
Should be fun. There are also a few with silver beads.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

new items in shop

I have just added a few more items in my etsy shop. I need to find a way to take beautiful pictures, but first, I need a new smartmedia card.

Monday, February 5, 2007

No more breath

In order to comply with this week's theme: breath, I have crafted a pendant with elements that once were alive, but breathe no more.

and also a matching ring.

Hand crafted with shell, Coral and pearls, on a sterling silver chain + steling silver star fish.

more secret Santa

In addition to the bracelet posted earlier, I have also made a bracelet for everydays wear, made from non precious metal wire, glass beads and swaroski cristal.

fairy wing - yoj WEEK 4

I have created a fairy wing to wear as a pendant.

It is made of sterling silver with different colors and shapes of freshwater pearls, faceted silver beads and swaroski cristals.

Take flight, YOJ Week 3

For this week's theme, I have crocheted a brass bracelet, with transparent gold tone seed beads.

quite large. It hangs around the wrist like a large hand cuff. But, take it out and lie it flat, it could be a landing plot for a ... small butterfly, or rather a place to take flight from.
I know, I know... I just could not really think of anything better for this week's theme.

FSOJ - week 2 - Bisous dans la brume

Kisses in the mist...

a brooch made of brass wire with seed pearls.
Shown here on a black velvet ribbon, to be worn as a tight necklace.

Friday, February 2, 2007

YOJ, secret Santa

I took part in a secret Santa project and here is what I created for the occasion:

I crocheted a sterling silver bracelet with rock cristals, quite dainty, excellent for evening parties, cocktails and other great occasions.


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