Friday, April 27, 2007

Cleopatra's Dream

The legend says that Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, used to drink fine Pearls dissolved in vinegar. Her favourite cocktail!

I wonder if she would wear or "drink" this bracelet inspired by the deep Sea. Its Ripples, Depths and Shallows. A bit like the inner Meandres of a woman. Each circle can also be perceived as a Matrix, filled with eggs at a different state of maturity.

3 different kind of pearls adorn this crocheted artwork: tiny Rice white and lustrous pearls, dark grey baroque pearls and a few bigger baroque ivory ones. A nice combination with the thin sterling silver used in this design.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rolling rolling rolling... picking up

Theme: Drifting, Sea Foam, Rolling Waves

I wish I lived by the sea, I would have been able to design a Jewel with drifting wood as a focal point. Instead, I am a City girl. I love the sea, especially when it is agitated and mad, limit dangerous. I imagine it rolling, rolling its waves and picking up what lays in the sand. Battering shells, fighting with Oysters and bringing to the sea shore lots of broken shells and pearls.

I have combined these elements and designed a bracelet and a necklace, using sterling silver.

I like the combination of the cold silver with the purity and peacefulness of the white elements, which remind me of the "ecume" of the Sea.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Plic plac ploc

My entrance for week 14's theme April Shower is a pair of gemstones drop (like the rain) earrings.

I have selected : blue stones, like the water. Small stones, like a rain shower. Round stones, like hale

Aquamarine and Apatite with sterling silver.

Monday, April 16, 2007

FSOJ - 2nd Trimester

We are entering a new quarter for the FSOJ project: Four Seasons of Jewelry.
You may see all entries from other jewellery designer on the FSOJ Blog

FSOJ - week 13 - Mistinguette Ring

A cabochon setting. Entirely fabricated ring, made from sterling silver wire and sheet with a nice Onyx round cabochon.

It took me ages, Each time I was filing an area, I was ending up marking another area with the file.

The ring even "flew" out of my hands when I was polishing the silver, which brought me back to square one as the Banging caused more dents, which I had to file, which caused more damges, which I managed at the end to get rid of!

But do I love the end-result. made by MOI. :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

FSOJ - week 12 - Frosty Breeze

Clear earrings made of Ice.

My ice being carved Rock Crystal and Swarovski crystal cubes, with sterling silver.

FSOJ - week 11 - Nid d'hirondelle

To respond to the Windchimes in the breeze theme, I have created a sterling silver crocheted object that moves in the wind. But without the musical noises.

It is a swallow's nest.

I used a 0.6mm crochet, and I knitted it in the subway :)
Funny looks I got. I enjoyed it

FSOJ week10 - Ocean Breeze

Gave it a rough finish for a battered by the Ocean and the winds look.

The rings is heavy and feels great around my finger.

I intend to cast a few more and give them different finishes, like shiny or fabricated with a few gem stones...


FSOJ - Week 7 Stormy weather

Stormy weather... Battle of the elements.

The daylight suddenly turns dark, the white clouds are grey and the sky breaks.

I illustrated this theme with a simple knotted necklace featuring black and white beads.

Wild winter winds

Cold winds, frozen winds, they blare at you and make your face turn red, purple or blue.

Just like these earrings , which have faceted briolettes of rose quartz and chalcedony, enhanced by a faceted aquamarine rondelle

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Shopping for handmade items

Shopping Just Got Simpler-Etsy Mini recently came out with a new feature called "Etsy Mini", a mini gallery showing some of what's for sale in an Etsy store. Click on these items and it will take you to my Etsy shop : where you can purchase a wide variety of handmade work.

A collective of Jewelry artisans


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