Monday, October 22, 2007

a feature by Linda Chandler

My mother always commissioned her jewelry and would take me with her as a child to the jewelers. It was fascinating to see the design process.
I had a real craze for earrings and little pocket money so the solution was to make my own. I got materials from a bead store and started to wear my creations.

Many years later, I could not find an engagement ring I liked that was different from the usual "Solitaire" diamond. Quite naturally, I designed and commissioned it. I also had to design a matching wedding band and my husband's. As time went by, I was designing and commissioning more and more: earrings, chains, rings....
It suddenly occurred to me that I should just learn the proper skills myself and get on with it. That was in October 2006.

I also enjoy creating bespoke jewels for clients, turning their ideas into the jewels of their dreams, for themselves or loved ones. It can be challenging, fun and tricky at times.

I love working with 18k and 22K yellow gold and setting stones. I think it is fantastic to be able to transform raw sheets of metal and wire into something sparkly, precious and beautiful that is unique.

I also paint and illustrate, and my work has been exhibited internationnally, is in private and corporate collections in several countries.

My favorite stones at the moment are PInk and Red stones: Rubies, Rubellite, Tourmaline, Pink Sapphire, PInk Opal, Kunzite...

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