Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This should help you take good photos of jewelry and other small objects on a budget by making your own light box from a recycled card box
easy to construct and use!


12x12x12 box
14 x 10 piece of plexy glass or glass
a knife
background paper (scrapbooking paper is great from craft store)
wax paper
60-100 watt light

How to put it all together:

1) Take your 12x12x12 box and cut out one side. Keep the bottom of
your box intact.

2) (open side you just cut out) Measure 9 inches from the bottom and
make a slit all the way to the back of the box on both sides. Do not
cut the back of the box.

3) Slide your glass into the slits of the box

4) Take the wax paper and tape it over the light source. The
wax paper is used to defuse the light.

5) Aim the light towards the opening of your box.

6) Lay your background on the bottom of your box as your background.

7) Shine your light into to open area of the box. Take your photos from the
back of the box... with the light facing you.

Your camera should focus on the jewelry or small object, use your macro setting if your camera gas one.
The background will become fuzzy due to the distance of the background from
the object.

with permission by http://www.createapendant.com/

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