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latest Press coverage - Johnny Depp

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

September Gemstone - Sapphire

Sapphires are members of the corundum family of minerals. They exist in nearly every color except red, as red corundum is called ruby.
One of the hardest minerals, sapphires are durable gemstones that have been in demand since ancient times.

© Catherine Marche - 18K white gold ring with sapphires and diamonds

Sapphire Hardness
• 9 on the Mohs' scale; compare to diamonds at 10 and turquoise at 5-6.

Sapphire Colors
• Cornflower blue is the most popular sapphire color, but all shades of blue are found
• Sapphires exist in many other colors, including yellow, colorless white, black, white, orange, pink, purple and brown
• A variety of orangish-pink sapphire is called padparadsha, which means "lotus flower."
Sapphire Treatments
• Heat treatment is commonly used to deepen sapphire color and improve clarity
Where Sapphires Are Found
• Quality sapphires are found in Ceylon, Thailand, Australia, India, Burma, Africa, and Brazil.

Unusual Sapphires
• Some sapphires are cut into cabochons (smooth domes) and produce a star with six rays that stretch across the sapphire's surface.
Synthetic Sapphires
• Like many other popular gemstones, sapphires can be created in a laboratory. Some synthetic sapphires are difficult to distinguish from gemstones formed in nature.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

featured interview with Niftyknits

Friday, 28 August 2009,

as seen on niftyknits

This is ... Catherine 

...from Kalicat Jewelry: and for our European friends.

Catherine is a jewelry designer and maker from Paris. She was kind enough to feature NiftyKnits on her blog too!

Favourite colour?
It depends on the trends, the seasons and my mood, at the moment, I love warm yellows and lime green

Favourite smell?

I am very fond of Amber, and have a few candles in my house that I sniff from time to time, to make me feel good. Another favourite are cinnamon and Candy floss

Favourite place?

I'll have to mention my home town, Paris (France) and the place I had my honeymoon which is Thailand, I am crazy about everything there: the food, the weather, the fabrics, the jewelry, the sun, the people, the architecture!

Favourite sound?

I love the soft noise that a silk dress makes when you dance, move, walk!
And Bells from the ice cream van, LOL!

Favourite way to spend your time?

Listening to music, travelling around the world , looking at jewelry, trying it, making it and buying gemstones

Favourite item in your shop of all time?

I love my hand forged gold chain, which is so versatile I wear it as a choker, an long necklace, a bracelet!

Favourite shop that isn't yours?

I really like AutumnRussell's couture gowns. My favourite dress has already been sold, which is great as it is just gorgeous.

Being also a fashion illustrator myself, I enjoy perusing his sketches. They make me day dream, a bit like being a Cinderella waiting for an occasion to metamorphose into a stunning woman (which I am most of the time, of course). You can see mine at

What has been the most useful lesson you've learnt so far that you'd like to pass on to our readers?

To check several times with my clients what their ring size is, and send them a ring sizing gauge or ask for a sample ring from them, before I make their ring. This way, we both avoid having to resize the ring, which is a huge gain in time.

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