Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Turquoise treatments

Stabilized Turquoise, what does it mean ?

STABILIZING is a treatment which enhances the hardness of the gemstone.
(it does not mean that the gemstone is dyed)

There are other different treatments available;
Among the ways of treating turquoise, treatments can include wax,staining, plastics impregnation.
Different treatments have quite an effect on quality, so the type of treatment is a very important parameter in measuring the quality of Turquoise

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Good news!

My Hercule ring has been included in the Dawanda Lovebook, in the "Alles fuer Ihn" / everything for him section.
The dawanda lovebook is being sent to the press as part of their ongoing promotion for Spring summer 2010.

This sterling silver ring has been offered as a present for men to mark various occasions like graduation, birthdays, engagement, anniversary and also been used as a wedding ring.

Hercule is available for 105 Euros. (about $145)

Thank you Dawanda


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