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Eamon Ellery

Kathleen Brughelli talsk to us about her site Eamon Ellery Eamon Ellery Jewellery

- How did you get started ?  Pure serendipity, I have always loved jewelry with a passion but never thought of it as a career.  Several years ago, I represented a line of jewelry out of Honolulu and felt that if I was going to sell it, I needed to know how to fix it.  I learned how to string pearls and grew from there.

- Where are you from?  I was born and raised in Greenwich, CT, but at the tender age of 24, ran off and joined the US Navy, as a result, I have lived all over the globe.  I now call Newport, RI home.

- Are your creations limited editions or unique?  My creations are for the most part unique.  I don’t like to make the same thing over and over and I enjoy the idea that my customers have purchased something that is uniquely theirs.   That said, I am hoping to put a signature collection together in the coming months.

- How long have you been doing it?  I have been creating jewelry since 2004 and metalsmithing since 2006

- Are you a professional artist or is this a hobby?  I am a full time professional artist – kind of sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?

- What inspires you?  Everything;  texture, color, shape, people. I am constantly amazed at how beautiful the people and things around me are.

- What is your favorite piece (that you still have for sale) and why?  My favorite piece right now is my Flowers and Lovers piece.  It was inspired by the Marc Chagall painting of the same name and is made entirely out of different gauges of sterling silver wire.  It’s a very substantial piece, I just love it.

- How do you promote your work?  I don’t actively promote my work, it kind of does that itself and I have the blessing of some wonderful friends who shamelessly promote me to anyone who’ll listen.

- Where are you showing your work?  Presently, my work is available for view and/or purchase at The Arts Center, St. Petersburg, FL, The Florida Craftsmen Gallery, St Petersburg, FL, The Left Bank Gallery, Essex, CT and online at

- What is your favorite material?  Any kind of metal, particularly gold, silver and copper.  I’m partial to anything shiny.  It may just be my fatal flaw.

- What advice you wish someone had told you when you started?  None.  I’ve had incredible mentors who have been instrumental in my development as an artist.  They continue to guide me when I need it and sometimes, even when I think I don’t. 

- Do you have any advice for fellow artists?  Do what you love.  Develop your voice.  Never compromise on quality and never, never, dwell on any negative criticism of your work.

- any special promos? Not at present but I will have a new collection coming out soon…stay tuned!

- what would you liek to be when you grow up ?  I would like to be me as I am now, happy and fulfilled, only better known!  I’d love to take the jewelry world by storm.

- favorite jeweller ?  There are too many to list: Paulding Farnum, Tom McCarthy, Annette Ferdinandsen, to name a few.

- favorite websites ?  Trunkt, Flickr, Etsy, ObjectFetish, oh, and EamonEllery of course!

-        Anything else you'd like to add?  Just that I’m delighted to participate in this interview.  Thank you for including me. 

Interview by Catherine Marche Bespoke jewellery

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