Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Feature - Inspiration Wednesday

Ever since elementary school art classes, I’ve known that I’m incapable of creating 3-dimensional artwork.  Part of it is because I have no depth perception and the other part is because I have a clumsy nature.  (As my mother puts it, “There’s a reason she didn’t name me Grace.”)   In college I barely passed my Foundation Design classes and then to my horrors I learned I had to take ceramics.  (You can imagine my groans.  In all my high school art classes, my ceramic pieces always exploded in the kiln and the teacher had to come round with a handful of shards to lay on my desk.)  Somehow I managed to pass ceramics class with an A (I think it’s a bit like gym class and as long as you put forth effort, you pass), although I gave one of my bowls to an older co-worker and she asked if I’d made it in kindergarten.

Despite my inability to make 3-dimensional work (or perhaps because of it), I’m always inspired and in awe of beautiful metalwork.  Are you?  If you aren’t already, I think you will be after I share a few of my most recent metalsmith crushes.

Antique Silver Spoon Ring - Meadowbrook 1936

I’ve been oogling these antique spoon rings by Revisions for months now!  Part of me has this urge to go estate sale shopping and make myself a whole collection!  But, then I remember that I have no skills for that so I now just have the hard task of deciding which of these rings to get.

Peacock Feather Wood Ring  -- Modern Woods

I have this itch to get my hands on a laser cuter so I can make something as beautiful as this Peacock Ring.  But if drill presses can nearly take off my fingers, I don’t think I should go anywhere near a laser (even if it isn’t as powerful as the ones on James Bond films).

I’ve never been a diamond girl but I think it would be fun to run my fingers through a small pile of them.  What about you?  Of course, I have no idea how you set a diamond like Kalicat so I’ll have to suffice with letting her do what she does best.  I really like how she combines the two colored gems and makes them almost like a constellation on your finger.

When I was little I got so excited whenever we were asked to dioramas for school!  Something about putting tiny things together to make a fake landscape got my heart going pitter patter.  That’s partly why I swooned when I found Woodland Belle’s shop which is just filled with tiny forest scenes that you can wear!  How cool is that!  I wish I could make a little forestry diorama and put it in my studio.

House and Tree Ring

This will be as close as I’ll ever come to the American dream and I think it’s perfect!  I love how cute it is.  Sort of like Woodland Belle’s dioramas but set in silver.  Isn’t it adorable!  I can’t even wrap my brain around how the fence is made, let alone the little windows.

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