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Interview by Oh Cherry Blossom Tatoo

Catherine Marche Interviewed by  Oh Cherry Blossom Tattoo, Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sweet Etsy Goodness ~ Kalicat

Catherine Marché, or Kalicat, comes from one of my favourite places in the world, the romantic and stylish city of Paris. She is also, naturally, romantic and stylish herself and Coral Turner, a couture designer puts it most beautifully: "Catherine Marché evokes a hint of French playfulness into her handmade bespoke and limited edition fine jewellery. Chic elegance is encapsulated in rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets made in high carat gold or sterling silver; rich colours of precious stones and semi-precious gemstones, along with lustrous baroque pearls all dance to the tune of timeless adornment."
Have you not fallen deeply in love with her and her work already?........

*** Shop names are so important and personal; where did you get yours from?
OMG ! Do I really have to explain ? mmm, it is a bit embarrassing.....It took me ages to find something I like and feel comfortable with. When I was a student, one of my nicknames was Cat, which was better than people not being able to pronounce my first name Catherine with a French accent. The R seems to be a problem … Kali comes from a Greek work, which means beautiful / beauty. So I put both words together and Voila! my name Kalicat

*** Where do you find that you get your inspiration from?
People, songs, colours, poesy (poems), gemstones, wallpapers …
   I have a vision of my clients being someone who is chic and stylish in all occasions. A woman or man who is confident, feels great in their own skin, who enjoys mixing styles : Vintage with modern, a classic tailored suit with mad statement jewellery… some with their own individuality and able to set their own trends. My collections are therefore versatile and can be mixed together or worn in different occasions with different attires.

The Volutes Cuff
   For example, the Volutes cuff, which has been photo etched for 7 hours, is ideal as a Bride’s adornment, also as a classic jewel for the office with a tailored suit, in the evening with your favourite LBD (Little Black Dress), it becomes a party or cocktail piece and as an everyday wear with jeans and a cashmere top .

*** How do you keep up your motivation?
Oh la la ! There are days with and days without. Then, all I need is to recharge with a holiday in the Caribbean. Laying down on the beach under a palm tree, on white sandy beach, drinking a cocktail in a coconut or pineapple with a little paper umbrella by the side always does the trick. [hahahaha, if only!]
   If that is not possible, just eat chocolates (Neuhaus’ are delicious), listen to music, wear great perfume, play some saxophone and dance . That works just as well (almost).   :)

*** Do you see your art and shop as a reflection of yourself; your soul?
Although I tend sometimes not to really see it, I must admit that yes, it is definitely a variation on the theme of Moi , myself and I. I also like to have fun and it can be seen in my some of my jewelry creations like my mice necklace...

I like feminity.  Check out this large enamelled pendant which was inspired by a classic painting, featuring 15 layers of enamel .
*** Where has this artistic journey taken you so far?
I trained in sciences maths, Physics and IT as well as music and arts.
   My visual journey is quite varied; I have done a spell as an art director in an advertising agency, As an art teacher and tutor , as a printmaker, an artist, a fashion illustrator, a tableware designer, a curator, setting up children and adults workshops, life drawing classes... and now as a goldsmith creating with precious metals, gemstones and pearls. [wow!]

*** Does Art enhance your life?
Yes, definitely. I have never been without art around me and it fuels me as being part of my essence.

*** Can we have one pearl of wisdom you have learnt along the way?
Listen to your gut instinct ! and the Nike (Goddess) motto: Just do it! A bit like the Lottery: only those who play can win! Oh and most importantly, always eat the best chocolate !
*** How important is feedback to you?
It is invaluable. I love the constructive criticism. It helps you progress and gives you an insight of how others perceive you and your art. Although I would say to be careful with feedback from friends and family as they sometimes want to avoid hurting your feelings and may not always tell you exactly what they really think.
*** Are you a member of any teams on Etsy - does this help?
I really enjoy being part of a few Etsy teams. It creates a supportive environment and friendship across continents which is really nice. I like helping and encouraging others and It is also a great way of getting feedback from a community of creative people who understand what you are trying to achieve and can provide sound advice. It is like a hub of mentors available at any time .
   I am part of FrenchHandmade and UKhandmade which are both wonderful, vibrant and very active communities.
*** How do you feel about your life right now?
I like my life. I have a wonderful husband and 2 lively boys who make me laugh lots. They (aged 5 and 7) believe they are teenagers and adopt some of older children’s attitudes which they deem as “Cool “.
   My goal for 2011 was to implement a shopping cart on my website. 2012 is about getting stockists online and off line.
   Also, I wish I had just more :),  more Jewels, more shoes, more skills, more children, more handbags, more time for my friends and family, seen more cities and countries far far away, more features, I would like to speak languages with a different alphabet like Japanese, Russian…, celebrities to love, purchase and wear my creations, collaborations with other talented creative ...
*** Dogs or Cats?
All cats, as long as they purr lots and do not scrape my sofa/shoes…too much. Sonny, the cat I had in Paris, used to go around the balconies and bring me back pigeons ! He always looked mystified when I released them. 
   And BIG dogs. They are a pleasure to deal with and double as big teddy bears/blankets/pillows and even horses (for toddlers) LOL! I am particularly fond of Boxer and Newfoundland. They are so well behaved with young children and cats and also do not bark too much. Mine used to be able to catch crepes (French pancakes) mid-air when I was flipping them!

And here is Cathrine at a jewellery exhibition
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