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in the spotlight - interview with Novlibity

an interview with Novlibity

Interview: French Jewelry Designer Catherine Marche

Company/Designer Name: Catherine Marche Jewelry
Designer Background Summary:
How did you get started?
I have always been creating, for as long as I can remember: dolls clothes, little jewels for my dolls and myself. In my teens, I used to help a woman collecting money for African missions, by making many lamps, stuffed toys, cushions, jewelry that she used to sell for fundraising. I then dutifully followed my parents’ advice of being self-sustained by embracing a career in computer sciences , while studying arts at l’Ecole des Beaux-arts, where I honed my drawing skills. After the birth of my children, I realized that the workload of working in IT was not compatible with raising young children. Therefore, after a spell as a fashion illustrator, I gave into my love of sparkly gems and jewels and trained as a jeweler.

Why did you join Noblivity®?
I find the possibility of reaching jewelry lovers across different countries fascinating. Being able to propose my creations to shop owners who might not have come across my style otherwise is extremely appealing as it gives an insight into what people like in different places and offers the opportunity for example to people in the USA to wear bespoke pieces created in the UK by a French designer. 
How would you describe your design style, design signature and who is your targeted customer?
Working with precious metals, gemstones and pearls Catherine enjoys creating desirable jewellery with simple and organic lines, resulting in the chic and glamourous French elegance style she is receiving attention for.

What inspires you?
I like to observe “les Citadines” (city women) as they exude a glamour and elegance which is an inspiration to me”. With influences from my many trips, the street, the fashion world, vintage and the beauty of couture, I love to fuse original ideas with a strong aesthetic, adding a zest of je ne sais quoi, combining traditional workmanship and cutting edge technology.

What obstacles did you have to overcome to get to where you are?
How did you overcome the obstacles along the way? As I did not want to wait until my children went to school to start learning silversmith, I enrolled in a part time class.
I also got an equipment award by the Worshipful company of Goldsmiths which has enabled me to practice with much needed machinery.

What has been your greatest moment on your journey so far?
I absolutely love the meaning that jewelry has for its bearer. Just knowing that it represents a talisman or testimony to a slice of life is great in itself. It is precious to the heart whatever its monetary value, and being a small part of something that touches people’s lives is invaluable.
What has been the biggest change in your designs so far? I recently learnt the technique of granulation and enjoyed the richness of 22 Karat gold, which I will end up using more often as a result.
I also enjoy infusing some illustrative elements in my jewellery , which become a bit irreverent as a result

What’s next for your brand?
I’d like to collaborate with fashion brands, stylists, photographers, and the film industry.

If money were no object what would you do right now to promote your brand?
I would like to help raise money to support a few charities I like. For example, I would jump from a plane with a bejeweled parachute bag, wearing a few nice creations to style up my jumping gear . I even thought of adorning the parachute too, however for security reason, I will just draw sketches on the silk.
The jewelry will then be auctioned and the money raised distributed dutifully.

What are the best and worst things about bringing a product to market?
Stress (worst) and eating lots of chocolate (best always)

Describe your typical day?
Up by 7 am to the lovely sound of “Maman j’ai faim” (mummy I am hungry), school run, studio, lunch, studio/post office, school pick up “maman, je meurs de faim” (Mom, I’m starving!), diner, bath…. Bedtime stories, kisses, emails, cleaning… lots of fun ! as you can imagine. Sometimes, I even go to the gym !!! to work on my beautiful body or allow myself some music practice.

What is your philosophy of life?
Just be simply stunningly gorgeous and fabulous in all simplicity.

If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
Nope… Well… yeah, I would have my studio in a tropical country by the Beach.

When will you know you have made it?
Probably when I will see unknown people around me wearing my own jewelry, that will be lovely .

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