Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Glow" - A Christmas show at JeDeCo's Oxo Shop 22nd November - 22nd December

With the theme of glamour in mind, JeDeCo’s designers unveil Glow, an exhibition of jewellery which includes the perfect gift or statement pieces to ensure that you’re the stunner at the Christmas party.

18K yellow gold and diamonds ring by Catherine Marche
Glow runs from the 22nd November until 22 December 2012 at JeDeCo's Jewellery Boutique at the OXO Tower.

Open 11 AM - 6 PM

1.17 first floor courtyard,
Oxo Tower Wharf 
Bargehouse Street 
South Bank 
JeDeCo designers taking part – Anna Loucah/Annika Burman/Carol Zilla/Catherine Marche/ Cindy Dennis Mangan/Debbie Carlton/ Dennis & Lavery/Doreth Jones/Kareece Peters (me)/Quarter Angel/Rosemary Lucas/Sima Vaziry/Stephanie Bates/Sian Bostwick

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