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an Interview for Blartblog

As featured 04/03/2013 on Blartblog

Interview with Catherine from Kalicat

Today's featured artist is Catherine, owner of Kalicat. Here you will find chic and elegant gold and silver fine jewelry that will make you look simply stunning! I interviewed Catherine to find out more about her beautiful jewelry and growing business.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you sell at Kalicat?

Hello, My name is Catherine, I am from Paris (France) and live in London (UK). In my Kalicat shop, I sell bespoke and limited edition Jewelry, handcrafted by Me.
How did you come up with the name Kalicat?

The name "Kali" could be connected with the Greek word "kalos", which means "beauty".

Cat is my nickname, short for Catherine...
Were you always interested in jewelry design? What sparked your interest?

I was always interested in wearing jewelry . . I made a few beaded pairs of earrings and necklaces as a child. I progresssed later on to having pieces liek earrings, pendants and rings commissioned . A natural progression was to learn how to make them myself.

What materials do you work with?

I work with sterling silver and 18K gold. I also like setting gemstones and pearls . My favorite ones are baroque unusual shape pearls and lustrous dark Tahitian pearls.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Ideas just come to me when I am in a great mood. I usually like to listen to music when crafting and the style of the music may dictate my work that day. I am also in awe of antique jewellery: Roman , Greek and Egyptian, which I love contemplating in museums.

Do you ever wear any of your own pieces?

I enjoy being able to wear my own pieces and to mix them with pieces produced by other talented craftsmen/goldsmiths and costume jewelry . I also have a few vintage pieces . I am a bit of a fashion addict who likes to create my own individual style by adapting the jewelry I am wearing to the mood of the moment and the look I want to project that day.

How did you get started selling on Etsy? Do you sell or showcase your work anywhere else?

I started my first silversmithing class in january 2007 and started on etsy a few weeks later. The great thing is that the sales generated the money to enrol into further classes to further enhance my knowledge and purchase the tools and machinery.

I also sell my jewelry creations in a few boutiques and galeries. I have also attended open studios, craft fairs and trade fairs.
In addition, sell the pieces I produce on my own website and at a few platforms in Europe and beyond.
Do you have any advice for others thinking about selling their work online?

GOOD photos and then, even better photos. Did I mention the photos ? They need to be good.

Do tell people you have a website. People will not guess where to find your creations, unless you tell them (and tell them to tell their friends, who will tell their friends).
What do you like to do in your free time?
Looking after my family, baking, reading, playing the music and travelling around the world.
Anything else you'd like to share?
My work is available online in various venues
My shop, in England, in GBP 

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