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Bridal Jewelry: Trends and Traditions

Bridal Jewelry: Trends and Traditions

published March 2, 2012 by   in the Jewelry Brief

A wedding is an occasion marked by milestone jewelry, but once the dress is selected it is time to have some fun picking the accessories! The Jewelry Brief picks for bridal jewelry 2012 go from the traditional to the latest trends.

The bridal cuff, love it! Jewelry designer Catherine Marche created this hand engraved cuff bracelet with the bride in mind. The lace-style engraving on this is stunning. How incredible would it be to have the lace pattern from your wedding dress engraved on a cuff to wear again and again? Very romantic!

Braunschweiger Jewelers in New Jersey report they are seeing brides wearing their engagement rings on their right hands and buying multiple, stackable bands for their left hands. Fantastic idea! Stackable bands can be so much fun. They are a great way to quickly dress up or dress down a look, incorporate a mixed metal look or even add colors with enamel or colored stones. Gemvara has an incredible stackable rings collection where a bride can create her own or choose from one of the seemingly endless options already on the site.

Diamond slice jewelry is something I first wrote about two years ago. I loved it then but wondered if it was passing trend or here to stay. I am happy to report it looks like it is staying.  L’Dezen Jewellry is designing gorgeous diamond slice jewelry for brides. Chandelier earrings with delicate gold work incorporating diamond slices have a lacy quality to them. A sophisticated look any woman is sure to wear again and again.

Last, but certainly not least, pearls. They are a classic, can be found for any budget and we love them! For a more traditional feel a single strand of pearls may be best, a choker creates a vintage feel and multiple strands will add a bohemian touch. A simple pearl stud earring is always charming, but a 12-14mm pearl stud is a chic statement.

The possibilities are endless! If you design for brides or are a bride that wants to share ideas and pics, we would love to see them posted to

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