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An interview with Creative Juicer - Creative Careerist: Catherine Marche

Creative Careerist: Catherine Marche

 Catherine Marche designs and makes jewelry that is characterized by its chic and elegance, with a hint of French playfulness. Catherine believes that every woman deserves to look stunning and spoilt with beautiful and playful pieces that will enhance their inner beauty and be a statement or the mood of the moment. She sells through several designer outlets throughout the UK and USA and works to commission. View her designs and artwork at
Creative Careerist jewelry designer Catherine MarcheWhat does an average day look like for you in your creative career?
Not everyday looks alike.
It usually starts with dropping off my little ones to school.
Then, depending on the day, I head off to my studio in Hatton Garden and share my time between the workshop, trips to gemstone dealers, post office, taking pictures of work in progress and assay office … or I go to JeDeCo , the jewelry showroom and gallery I share on the Southbank with a few other designers and makers to meet clients and sketch new ideas.
I enjoy the fact everyday is different, and brings me new experiences and new challenges.
Early afternoon is time to juggle with family life again and I usually spend a bit of time back to my office in the late evening to deal with emails, social media and my website.
I also block a few hours each month to attend conferences or learn a new skill.

How did you get to where you are now in your career? What key moments, decisions or circumstances brought you here?
After working as a maths teacher and as an IT engineer for many years, I wanted to explore my keen artistic interest and went back to school, where I trained again as a goldsmith.
A couple of years into my studies, I was shortlisted as a finalist for a jewelry award by Holts Academy of Jewellery, was a recipient of the Getting Started Award by the Company of Goldsmiths, and for the Precious Award.
I am also an active member of jewelry associations in the UK, and my work has been published in a few jewelry books and magazines.
Creative Careerist jewelry designer Catherine MarcheWhat excites you most about your work?
The most exciting thing is to fuse original ideas to create bespoke jewelry pieces for my clients with the challenge of making their dream come to life.
Each new creation is a new dream to share. I enjoy the freedom that being a designer gives me. Having clients who like and order my pieces from the four corners of the globe is a real thrill.

What is its greatest challenge for you?
My challenge is combining family life with my work as I can be inclined to carry on working for too long when back at home.

How do you get your best ideas?
My best ideas just come to me when I am in a great mood, listening to music or “playing” with materials. I also tend to doodle whenever there is a pen next to a bit of paper or on the phone.
I also find inspiration from my cultural heritage, from my travels, the street, the fashion world, vintage and the beauty of couture, from the materials I am dealing with, from the colors I am inspired by.
Sometimes, I will think of a word, and create a line or shape that expresses it.
At other times, I may be inspired by a gemstone and create a setting around it to enhance its beauty.

What do you do when you get stuck?
Luckily, this has not happened yet. In fact, I do not have enough time to explore all my ideas or I would work 24/24h.

How do you make sure you make time for creativity in your life?
I either set creative time in my timetable or use the time I commute in the tube to sketch ideas.

What advice do you have for other aspiring creatives who want to follow in your footsteps?
Believe in yourself, be enthusiastic, work hard and enjoy your days. Do not hesitate to ask for help and advice. Entice the service of a professional photographer to make sure your creations look their best. Promote, create, have fun!

as published on the creative Juicer   10 Sep

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