Friday, September 20, 2013

Cakes, Rings and Pretty Things- JeDeCo London Celebrate Their 1st Birthday

Thank you to the fabulous Lel, who took wonderful photos of our party !

On Thursday last week I was invited to a very special 1st birthday party.
JeDeCo opened their amazing shop in the stunning Oxo Tower on the river Thames a year ago, and quite rightly, it was time to party.
JeDeCo’s mission upon conception was to bring short-run, high-design, affordable and on-trend designer jewellery to style-savvy jewellery wearers and collectors. The Oxo shop brings together 11 members of the collective in one retail space to offer on-trend designs to suit all tastes and budgets.  This includes:
The atmosphere at the party was fantastic, and I have to say I was completely blown away by the stunning jewellery. This is definitely a place to have on your list if you are looking for a unique engagement or wedding ring, you can be sure that these designers are passionate about what you want the jewellery to say about you both now and in the future.
You can find JeDeCo through their own website, or through facebook ( , or you can follow their blog and you can even find them on twitter
I would seriously recommend a trip to see them if you are looking for that unque wedding ring or beautiful bridesmaids gifts, you will find it all here.

Lel x

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