Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Late night shopping at JeDeCo

Some of my jewellery is available at Jedeco. Enjoy some late night shopping

Late night shopping

Join us for a festive drink on Thursdays and Fridays this December, with lots of inspiring jewellery.  Until 24 December, 4-8pm, JeDeCo gallery at OXO Tower Wharf.

New: online shopping by JeDeCo
Alternatively, you can find and shop your perfect gift on our brand new website,

Come visit us!

JeDeCo - Jewellery Designers Collective
Oxo Tower Wharf, Unit 117, First Floor Courtyard
Bargehouse Street
London, England SE1 9PH
United Kingdom

Monday, December 8, 2014

Gift Guide - French handmade

Cadeaux de Noel romantiques

Link to French Handmade - Blog Fait Main

Posted: 08 Dec 2014 07:14 AM PST
Rétro coussin, coussin décoratif, romantique déco, oreiller rustique, look rétro, coussin oreiller déco, lin, dentelle de coton.
Organisateur de bijoux / Pochette pour ranger nos bijoux / Voyage
Collier court ajustable style plastron - perles violettes
Bracelet en perles d'eau douce, bracelet ivoire, perles semi-précieuses, bijou mariée, boho chic, bracelet simple à superposer
Lustre ancien en bronze décoré antique shabby chic, 5 feux
Bracelet Manchette grave en argent massif motif floral

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

12% off SCHMUCK - Jewellery Today on Dawanda

In the Eurozone ? Time to stock up on jewellery,
Earrings, bracelets, necklaces...
Today, dawanda offers 12% off all jewellery orders.

Most items are one-off or limited editions

Enjoy !!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Time to Party at JeDeCo Oxo Tower

An evening to go for...

Come and meet JeDeCo jewellery designers at the Oxo Showroom, for a festive and sparkly evening.
You will be able to try on all the jewellery you like, select Christmas Stocking fillers and gorgeous precious presents : rings, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces...

From 5 pm til late

Oxo Tower Wharf
Unit 1.17, First Floor Courtyard
Barge House Street
London Southbank SE1 9PH

See you there !

Sponsored by Domaine de Canton

Monday, October 20, 2014

As seen in That Creative Feeling - do artists use Ice Blue ?

as seen in That Creative Feeling, 
My London Blue Topaz Sculptural Ring in sterling silver
London Blue Topaz Ring © Catherine Marche

This morning I had a flash of creative inspiration to research what exciting art and sculpture was out there under the title ‘ice blue’.
Well nada, zilch .. that’s exaggerating but was near reality. Sure I stumbled across icebergs and ice paintings, but I really did not find any art titled ‘ice blue’.
I expanded my search under topaz, aquamarine and pale blue to find a beautiful collection below. So here’s my ICE BLUE inspired collection.

PHOTOS – of icebergs of course

Joe Kullsarlon – Blue Block OfIce
Museum NasionalBranding
Sourced from: Museum NasionalBranding


Realistic Finger Painting by Zaria Forman
Realistic Finger Painting by Zaria Forman
Private Residence, Reston VA
Private Residence, Reston VA


topaz crystals
Topaz crystals
Blue Topaz is a very soothing and calming stone. It can distance you from stress and problems by raising your vibratory rate and allowing you to rise above them.
Topaz colors also variable including brown, pink, purple and blue. There are also a colorless or transparent. But the most desirable  or look for is  red golden  or orange. And the most inexpensive and common is the blue usually obtained from China.
aquamarine crystals
Aquamarine crystals
From Gemstone Meanings:
Aquamarine gemstone meaning is being able to assist us practically feel and discover our relationship to the individuals. Aquamarine  meaning can be obtained inside of its capability to strengthen interaction between the individual and others.
Aquamarine which means “sea water” is a kind of stone that belongs to the beryl (beryl in Greek which means greenish blue) as emerald gemstones. In the world of astrology aquamarine meaning is stone for people born in March and associated with the zodiac Pisces.
Because the effects of color and lighting, Aquamarine always match the skin tone and eye color that can be worn by any person in various nations and countries.
Christine Brandt
Unique ring by Christine Brandt


Sterling silver with a London blue topaz gemstone by © Catherine Marche. You can visit Catherine’s shop here!
marian hunter
Marian Hunter enamel jewellry
marian hunter 2
Marian Hunter enamel jewellry
Lalique – moonstone and tortoiseshell tiara comb
Jean Schlumberger
Jean Schlumberger, Tiffany jeweller
Aquamarine ring, artist unknown
Vintage topaz ring

INTERIORS – not very popular!

Photo by Jamie Padgett
Photo by Jamie Padgett
Luca gloss kitchen


shapeways egg cups
Shapeways egg cups – awesome 3D printed ceramic, $80
Petal Sculpture by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert
Petal Sculpture by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert


Using a 3D pen
owl and cat sculpture by Claire Morgan
Owl and cat [taxidermied] sculpture by Claire Morgan
Michael Bosanko
Michael Bosanko’s light art
floating cds by bruce munro
Floating CD ‘Lilypads’ by Bruce Munro
FaceToFace by Peter Kavosky
FaceToFace by Peter Kavosky
Cancun Underwater Museum
Cancun Underwater Museum


ellie saab
Ice Bride by Ellie Saab

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Shopping selection

My Hip Ring for Men, oxidised sterling silver, spotted on the shopping selection of the week-end on FrenchHandmade.

Thanks !!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dawanda Discovery Discount

Time to indulge in Germany too with the Dawanda 15% off Discovery Discount on a selection of my jewellery,

Hurry, Our ‘Discovery Discount’ Special starts today (10am CEST) and runs until Thursday 16th October (Midnight CEST.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

In the press - French Handmade

A little snippet in the French Handmade Journal,  Thanks !

Still a few days left for your promo on Alittlemarket.
Enjoy !
© catherine marche
Amethyst cluster pendant and Bubble Leaf Ring © Catherine Marche


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