Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pass it Along international Jewellery Challenge 2016 - piece no 22

Always up for a challenge, I had the pleasure to take part in the Passitalong Iternaional Jewellery Challenge. Here is a description of the collaborative piecewe created in 2016, the theme was space

 Piece #22
Catherine Marche - Create
Konstantinos Georgopoulos - Change
Fiona Ingram - Collate
Jude Goswell - Share

Theme: Space

This beautiful piece has a very industrial/fabricated structure. The main box frame appears to be made of sterling silver sheet which has a delicate surface texture. It is constructed with tiny brackets and watchmaker's screws.
The domed disk (which Fiona received as a separate piece) is sterling silver with soldered relief areas obtained by photo etching.

After receiving the 2 separate parts from Catherine, Fiona attached the disk to the front of the box using a watchmaker's screw and added rubber 'bungees' to enable a choker to be threaded through.

The end product is amazing. It has the very 'high tech' appearance which is associated with space travel. As yet, no little alien has crept out of the box!

It was very interesting to think about the theme space.  I imagine globes, cratters, textures... and decided to send a texture sheet of sterling silver along with a small  dome, which had both been photo etched with my Volutes pattern

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Catherine Marche Indocolite tourmaline Ring on teh What's on Oxo Tower

Delighted to see, while browing the Oxo Tower website my  Indicolite tourmaline Ring to illustrate the Jewellery section of the Creative London page..
It is a pleasure so I am saying a big THANK YOU to the team at Oxo.

What is indicolite, I hear you ask ?
Indicolite means blue tourmaline. (from the Latin word for a blue coloured plant known as the “Indicum”) . Indicolites can range from light to dark saturated blue and are rare. Quite often these gemsones are teal, a dark blue green colour.
Indicolite or blue tourmaline is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, the United States (Maine and California), Madagascar, Nigeria and Mozambique.

In lithothrerapy, it is believed to help with inspiration, release inhibitions and reinforce the immune system.


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