Sunday, April 10, 2016

Catherine Marche Indocolite tourmaline Ring on teh What's on Oxo Tower

Delighted to see, while browing the Oxo Tower website my  Indicolite tourmaline Ring to illustrate the Jewellery section of the Creative London page..
It is a pleasure so I am saying a big THANK YOU to the team at Oxo.

What is indicolite, I hear you ask ?
Indicolite means blue tourmaline. (from the Latin word for a blue coloured plant known as the “Indicum”) . Indicolites can range from light to dark saturated blue and are rare. Quite often these gemsones are teal, a dark blue green colour.
Indicolite or blue tourmaline is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, the United States (Maine and California), Madagascar, Nigeria and Mozambique.

In lithothrerapy, it is believed to help with inspiration, release inhibitions and reinforce the immune system.

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