Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Interview of Catherine Marche by the Design Trust

    As featured on The Design Trust

    THE FIVE QUESTION INTERVIEW: Business Club member Catherine Marche 
    .. What is your main area of business?
    I started selling my jewellery a few weeks after starting my 1st class in 2007. After working as a maths teacher and a computer scientist, I turned to my love of art and design and went back to college to learn the ropes of jewellery design and goldsmithing. I am still enthralled by the lure of gemstones, pearls and gold on a daily basis.

    2. What are you working on right now?
    At the moment, I am developing a new collection of 18K and 22 K gold jewellery inspired by ancient artefacts and jewellery from ancient civilisations: Egyptians, Romans…. My new Cleopatra loves Cesar collection presents itself like a treasure which had been buried for centuries and only just resurfaced marred by the marks of age . It features raw gemstones, diamonds and baroque pearls with uneven cuts and rough edges and textured metals. I enjoy wearing one of the pairs of earrings I just made as I am answering your questions.

    I am also a founding member of a jeweller’s Collective calle #JeDeCo, and we are celebrating a brand new shop and 6 years in the @OxoTowerwharf on Thursday 21st June , feel free to pop in to join us, as you will be the first ones to able to see and try my new creations. I will be delighted to have a chat with you. The festivities start at 5 pm until 9pm+
    3. What social media works best for you?
    I like using Instagram and Facebook the most as I like the interactions I have with clients, jewellery lovers and fellow designers on these platforms. I also use Pinterest for all sort of boards from fashion to home and collecting recipes and twitter for quick chats.

    4. What is your biggest business challenge this year?
    This year, I have a brand new logo and boxes. It took me months to finalise and funnily enough, I ended up back to one of my first sketches. My next challenge is to find new venues to sell my new collection as several of my stockists have just stopped trading.
    5. What do you know now, that you wish you had known three years ago?
There is no rush, just enjoy the process and have fun being yourself !
There is no shame in being different, or having a unique vision.


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